Recovering from a hard bricked LG Optimus G E975.

Something a tad different this time. I am writing this so I would remember not to fix bricked android phones anymore. Soft brick is easy, boot into download mode, flash the stock firmware and bingo. Hard brick is trickier; the phone is basically a paperweight. The bootloader is messed up so the phone is completely unresponsive – no download mode, no fast boot, no nothing.

So the adventure starts at the beginning.

I managed to get my hands on a bricked LG Optimus G E975. During a wipe in recovery mode, the user rendered the phone useless. Now was my time to work my magic.



  1. Download

  2. Download E975 firmware.bin

  3. Install drivers

  4. Open the program


  1. Select the downloaded firmare.bin file.

  2. Find a good location where to extract the files(for example C:\lg)

  3. Click Extract and wait.

  4. Make sure AP chipset is G.

  5. Choose the right COM port (whatever port Windows assigned)

  6. Find the location specified in step 2. (C:\lg)

  7. Check

  8. Check

  9. Check

  10. START

If it works the first try you are in luck. If it does not work on the first try just smash buttons and pray!



Forums contain a lot of information but the problem is that typically those post were made couple of years ago, so the majority of those links in the posts are now dead. Meaning, if we are lucky we find those thingies via Google.

I was reading about the cases where that exact same phone was dead and I noticed the similarities. Then I found even more threads with the same problem. People said JTAG was the only option. In a nutshell, you send the phone to some workshop to replace the motherboard or they rewrite the bootloader using a JTAG. Not a financially good option because the phone is not completely worthless but worthless enough not to drown it with money.

The only sign of life – connect the phone using a USB cable and we have a device called QHSUSB_BULK. This is some kind of QUALCOMM’s fallback recovery system or something. All phones that have QUALCOMM chips in them, use this feature. Because of that there were a lot of posts about people with their not-so-useful phones.

But I did not find anything useful or something that would give me some hope to revive this phone. Couple of days later while traveling with the public transport I had an idea to google my problem in an another language, specifically - Russian. From personal experiences you can find a lot of obscure and not-easy-to-find information in those Russian forums. Maybe because they are tinkerers, they like to fix stuff. Anyways, I came across this Ultimate Optimus G thread, all in RUSSIAN, woo.

To access downloadable content, you need to register, problem is the language barrier. But it is easy enough to overcome if you have learned a tiny bit of Russian. (What do you know, it was not completely useless.) And my favorite part - captchas that were in Russian.

So I found a guide.

I followed it and nothing. Tried all kinds of button combinations - nothing. Error popped up, nothing, again back to Google, nothing. Some people said that in that case the EMMC was dead = the game was ending. But I don’t know why I did not give up at that point, maybe because I had already invested so much time into it. So tried again, nothing. Again, nothing. Then started listening music, tried again, nothing. Started smashing the power button in the rhythm of the music, the windows did not like that so it just started making those noises, when you disconnect/connect a device. Tried again, the error went away. So it rewrote the bootloader and then I saw life, the LG logo popped on the screen. Next thing I know I was in download mode.  And Bob is your uncle! So, how did I fix it? It’s a mystery to me. (smash the power button)


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