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Recovering from a hard bricked LG Optimus G E975.

Something a tad different this time. I am writing this so I would remember not to fix bricked android phones anymore. Soft brick is easy, boot into download mode, flash the stock firmware and bingo. Hard brick is trickier; the phone is basically a paperweight. The bootloader is messed up so the phone is completely unresponsive – no download mode, no fast boot, no nothing.

So the adventure starts at the beginning.

I managed to get my hands on a bricked LG Optimus G E975. During a wipe in recovery mode, the user rendered the phone useless. Now was my time to work my magic.


Download E975 firmware.bin
Install drivers
Open the program

Select the downloaded firmare.bin file.
Find a good location where to extract the files(for example C:\lg)
Click Extract and wait.
Make sure AP chipset is G.
Choose the right COM port (whatever port Windows assigned)
Find the location specified in step 2. (C:\lg)

If it works the first try you are in luck. If…