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Infrared black magic

Lately I have been fascinated by devices that use infrared. Quite old technology but fun anyways. IR remote controls are quite popular because that’s the cheapest way to remotely control a device. Negative sides? – Line-of-sight range.

So I stumbled across this thing called TV-B-Gone. It turns off/on every TV known to man. Quite cheap and popular thing. So I was interested to make my own little device using Arduino. Using sample sketches with libraries – easy.

Two TVs / Samsung and Philips


Next idea was to capture IR codes and then replay them. Transmission part stays the same but now we need input. I used commonly available IR photo-detector module. It has everything in one package. Again using a library – nothing fancy.


So my friend has a Samsung phone that has an IR blaster built in. That thing works great, a lot of apps and easy to use, works great. I don’t have that luck with me so…