RTL_SDR Direct Sampling Mod

Listening to various radio signals is fun with vanilla rtl-sdr. The range is 22 MHz to 2200 MHz So that means there are pretty different things to listen to for a while. Couple of day’s back I wanted to listen medium and high frequency bands. Because radio waves in that spectrum travel a lot further than VHF and UHF signals. I know there are up converters that don’t cost very much and are easy to use. There are many other benefits using an up converter. But I wanted to do a direct sampling mod to one of my rtl-sdr. This so called “mod” is not very difficult. So I decided to try it out.

Source: 1 , 2 and 3

I should use a right ferrite for the job but I found this random one.

To the SDR I connected a 20M dipole.  So the rtl_sdr is not very good but the antenna makes somewhat up for it.

I’m using an old laptop as a server for the SDR. To add Direct Sampling mode in SDRSharp in TCP mode: LINK   And what do you know it works!



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