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Weather data website

My first blog post was about reading data from weather sensors. I used the rtl_433 package. I did not have a conclusion. I got it to work. I did not capture any rtl_433 compatible sensors near me. I had an idea to run a webserver that’s displays a temperature captured with a SDR.

I reinstalled my homemade antenna. It’s a dipole antenna for CB frequencies. It’s and pretty wide range antenna so it captures all kinds of frequencies pretty well. Had some fun with it. I was scanning through the 430~ region and noticed that this antenna picks those frequencies pretty well. I remembered all the rtl_433 fun and tried it again.

Installed the rtl_433. It did not take long when it started decoding supported weather probes. At first I picked up only one but we’ll get back on that later.

As you can see it also sends other fun data.

When I launched my command “rtl_433 –p 35 2>rtl433test.txt”

The “–p 35” flag deals with the frequency correction because rtl-sdrs are not perfect. I used  kalibrate-rtl t…