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WRT54GL SD card mod.

I have had lots of fun with the WRT54G series routers. I have installed custom firmware on every single of them. I have had at least five of these routers only 3 work at this point in time. The others have died in all kinds of ways – water, stupidity, etc.

So last summer I stumbled across this:

I thought it is the coolest thing ever. Let’s do this!

I did not have a spare SD card so I had to improvise. I dug up some old boxes and found an old floppy connector. It matched the SD card perfectly, making it the perfect adapter. And now the easy part: It was documented pretty well, so I only had to follow couple of steps. Mainly soldering the right SD card pins to the right GPIO leads.

Everything went well. Got it working. It ran a super tiny web server, because you know everything is cooler with a web server. When visiting the website it displayed the routers temperature, load and etc. It ran couple of html widgets. It doesn’t w…

Atari Punk Console

I just had to test out the Fritzinger magic. I only had 555 chips laying around, so with little bit of fun with google, I found this :

Some information:

Basically it is a super simple project. I needed something to test the Fritzing out. So I created this:

And thanks to that, it auto created this(I had to fix couple of things):

And then of course it is etching time!

I use the laser printer method

Iron(III)chloride in action!


You might ask why those IC’s are on the wrong side of the PCB. Answer - I rushed and forgot to mirror the print. You learn something every day! But I managed to get it working.

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

It is powered by USB - 5v.