Reading data from 433Mhz temperature probes.

As the title stated, I had a idea to capture data from those magical things! These thing wirelessly send data between the sensor and the station.



I had one of these probes laying around and I thought I should at least try to capture something from it. I did not have the base station only the probe.

Sounds cool on paper! The first thing I tried to do was actually capture a sample.  I booted into my Ubuntu and launched Gqrx. With my SDR I was able to tune into the 433 MHz region. Those probes usually work around that frequency.

So I captured this around 433.900Mhz AM

This is what that region looks like:


So then I started searching and I found this:

Went to my linux machine and typed into the terminal (the readme commands did not work for me) :

So when that was done I figured how to use that thing.

Everything is super simple when that part is done. So I was able to run this:

rtl_433 –a  - this outputs all it's magic into the terminal but we want a way to have all that in a simple txt file. The default frequency is 433.92 MHz.

So I entered this:

rtl_433 –a 2 > 433test.txt

This command dumped everything at /home/kukk/433test.txt

So I captured one transmission. This was the output:

It also transmits humidity. Working that out is not as simple as temperature. Also it sends out other data that I don’t know anything about.

I had an idea to run this on my Raspberry Pi.  When it is running the python extracts the temperatures and presents it on my website.

With SDR it is cool to read multiple probes and maybe then average it.




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